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Oasis Of The Wind II / Takashi Kokubo

Oasis Of The Wind II ~A Story Of Forest And Water~, 1993

Takashi Kokubo

Best known for his "image albums,"¹ Takashi Kokubo creates commercial musical compositions meant to breathe life and personality into a character through sound. These songs are found in anime, manga, and Japanese commercials, accompanying a protagonist or even inanimate objects: a printer, a glass of whisky, a cell phone. Such is the all-encompassing universe of Japanese sound design.

Kokubo's most famous work is Get At The Wave, an enchanted musical story made for luxury air conditioner Saryo in 1987². The track compilation above, Oasis Of The Wind II ~A Story Of Forest And Water~, is part of his Ion Series, in which he released ten albums over the course of 1992-1993. It is ethereal, tranquil, and will transport one to a world far from the stresses of urban life.